About the Event:

Don your trench-coats and magnifying glasses. Work your brain to its full potential as you journey through all the facts and information and emerge victorious. Get ready for one of the most exciting events of Incridea! Do you have what it takes to unlock the SHER-LOCKED?

Event details:

  • • The event consists of a total of three rounds
  • • Round 1 (The East Wind is approaching) :
  • • Round 2 (Seek and thou shall find) :
  • • Round 3 (The Final Problem) :
  • Rules And Regulations :

  • • Only students pursuing an engineering degree are allowed to participate
  • • Two members in a team
  • • Team members must be from the same college
  • • The teams must adhere to the spirit of healthy competition
  • • Use of calculators, mobile phones or any other unfair means will result in disqualification
  • • Internal contestants are also advised to register prior to the event, although spot registrations are accepted
  • Judging Criteria :

  • Round 1:
  • Round 2:
  • Round 3:
  • Organizers’ Details: