About the Event

The event will consist of one-on-one matches between teams. Thereafter, the winning team proceeds to the next round and losing team will be eliminated from the competition. The process continues until a single team earns the winner’s title.

Design Criteria :

  • • Dimensions of the bot: 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm (5% tolerance on each dimension)
  • • Weight: 5kg (10% tolerance)
  • • Communication: Wired or wireless (Techniques found to be interfering with the opponent’s communication will result in disqualification)
  • • Battery potential: 12 V (Maximum)
  • • Readymade kits are not permitted
  • • Attack mechanisms are not allowed (Example- lifting, hitting, etc.)
  • Rules And Regulations :

  • The aim of every match is to push the other bot completely out of the arena
  • • The team gains 10 points for pushing the opponent outside the arena
  • • If there is a tie on the basis of the scores then a rematch of 1 minute will be played by the involved teams until we get a winner
  • • Every match will consist of 2 rounds of 2 minutes each and each subsequent round will have a time gap of 1 minute.
  • • A maximum time-out of 4 minutes per match is allowed, the team exceeding the timeout duration will be disqualified. However, they are not allowed to make any changes to the bot during a timeout
  • • Any change in the rules by the judge shall be conveyed to the teams at the arena
  • • The competition will be played on a knock-out basis
  • • The organizers reserve the right to change any or all of the rules as they deem fit on the day of the event
  • • Violation of any of the rules will result in immediate disqualification
  • • External contestants should preferably register a priori. Spot registrations are also permitted
  • Organizers' Details: