About the Event:

Beckham who?

  • Remember the robots from Robo Wars? Now they play soccer. Feast your eyes as the bots make swift tackles, tight turns, and pull out all the stops to outmaneuver each other, all to zero in on the ball. By the end of this event we are surely going to leave you stunned, so get ready for Robo Soccer.
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    Bot Specifications:

    Bot dimensions:

    Arena Specification:

    Rules And Regulations :

  • • The soccer bot can only transform to its size at the beginning. It cannot divide later into multiple parts
  • • Once the weight of bot is finalized no modifications in the weight will be allowed
  • • Weight of the bot will be checked before starting each match
  • • Each team will be given a time span of 2 minutes at the beginning of each half to make any changes or modifications to the bot (modification in weight is not allowed)
  • • At the beginning, the bot must touch or hit the ball within 10 seconds. If it fails to do so, the opponent can move his bot
  • • If the bot becomes immobile during the match, the team will first be given 60 seconds to fix it without any loss of points. If the team fails to fix it in 60 seconds, another 60 seconds will be given at the expense of 1 point. If the team does not repair the bot within this time, then it will be disqualified
  • • No stalling of any kind is allowed
  • • All the bots must have their own power supply
  • • Bots will be analyzed by the referee before each match. He will select or reject the bots, taking into consideration the rules and dimension limits
  • • The match will be paused in case of any entanglement of wires of both the bots
  • • If the ball is immobile for 10 seconds then the game will be reset and ball will be declared as common ball
  • • The ball may not be lifted in the air by the bot
  • • In case only one team is disqualified, the opponent team wins by default
  • • The decisions taken by the referees will be final
  • • In case of any disputes, the decisions of the referees or event managers will be final
  • • For participation, each team should have their own bot of specified dimensions
  • • Ready-made kits are not allowed. A team is not permitted to compete with more than one bot during one match
  • • Only 2 members of each team may be present at a time in the arena
  • • If the bot is wired, one member will be the controller of the bot and the other will hold the wire
  • • The structure of the robot should not change during the competition (E.g. If you have a wedge at the front, you can’t convert it into a claw or vice versa)
  • • The coordinators will not be responsible for any kind of electromagnetic interference in the wireless communication
  • • One member of the team must be present near the arena or the room provided at any given time
  • • Participants must report at 9:00 a.m.
  • • Teams must be ready before the mentioned time. A warning will be given after every 2 mins of calling the team, on the third call the team will be disqualified
  • • The bot should not be disassembled until the results are declared
  • • If a foul is committed, and a goal occurs before the play is restarted for the foul, the goal is not counted
  • • Pulling of the bot with connected wires on arena will lead to disqualification
  • All the decisions taken by the organizing team will be deemed as final, and no further changes will be encouraged. They will hold full authority to change any of the above rules as per the circumstances
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