About the Event:

The success of a presentation is judged not by the knowledge one conveys, but by what the audience receives. Do you master the art of playing with perceptions or bringing your imagination to life? Panchatantram is a platform where you get to enthrall the world with your presentation skills.

Event Details:

  • • Round 2:
  • • Round 3:
  • Rules And Regulations :

  • • Team of 2 members. Any number of teams from a college can register for the event
  • • Use of the internet or any kind of reading materials/textbooks is strictly prohibited
  • • Only students from the same college can form a team
  • • Any individual cannot be a member of more than one team
  • • On-spot registrations are allowed
  • • Materials like stationery items will not be provided
  • • The decision of judges will be final
  • Judging Criteria :

    Organizers' Details :