About the Event:

Get ready to awaken the Einstein within and unravel the mysteries. If you believe that you are capable of deciphering the given enigma, then here’s an event that funds you to get to the bottom of these mysteries!

Event Details:

Rules And Regulations :

  • • The use of calculators, mobile phones, or any kind of electronic device will result in disqualification
  • • Round 1:
  • • Round 2:
  • • Round 3:
  • • Only students pursuing engineering degrees are allowed to participate
  • • A maximum of 3 members are allowed in a team
  • • • All the team members must be from the same college
  • • External contestants should register prior. Spot registrations are not entertained
  • • Internal contestants are also advised to register prior to the event, although spot registrations are accepted
  • • Using the internet is prohibited
  • Judging Criteria :

    Organizers' Details :