About the Event:

We're all foodies, food drives us mad. Be our chef, we'll be glad. Bring soul to your recipes just like the crunch of a potato crisp, mixed in a mess of ketchup. We present to you the MASTERCHEF!

Event Details:

Rules And Regulations :

  • • The group should contain 2 members
  • • PIDs are mandatory for each individual participant
  • • Registration can be done prior to the event (Global Registration) or on the spot
  • • There can be any number of entries per college
  • • Items cooked or chopped prior are not allowed
  • • Dishes should be based on a theme
  • • At least 3 dishes must be prepared, out of which one can be a drink
  • • Electrical equipment is not allowed
  • • All the required materials, tools and equipment should be arranged by the participants
  • Judging Criteria :

    Organizers' Details :