About the Event:

In this age of filters and lenses where augmented reality has made changing our looks as simple as tapping a button. Mask Kara takes a step back to the drawing board. In other words, grab a person and a paint brush and head on over to this face painting competition.

Event details:

  • • Paint the face of your fellow teammate in 2 hours based on the given topic on the spot.
  • •The top 5 team will be selected based on their painting.
  • •There will be a Q&A session in which team with best answers will be announced as winners.
  • Rules And Regulations :

  • • Any number of entries per college
  • • The team must have 2 members from the same college
  • • The topic will be given on the spot
  • • Participants should bring their own materials
  • • Brush, sponge and glitter are allowed
  • • Air brushing and attachments of any kind is not allowed
  • • Participants should not refer to any materials
  • • Participants must possess the PID card as well as their respective college ID
  • • Decision of the judges will be final
  • • Judgment will be based on creativity, content, display and overall presentation.
  • Organizers’ Details: