About the Event:

If you are second to none when it comes to speaking non-stop, and doing so under the watchful gaze of your opponents is a piece of cake for you, here is an event just for you. Just a minute (JAM) is an event where you get to flaunt your communication skills to the maximum. It is all about the control of the mind over the mouth. Do you have what it takes to beat the pressure and silence your opponents?

Event Details:

Rules And Regulations :

  • • Individual participation
  • • Participants must speak fluently. Try not to stutter, stammer, speak too fast or be incoherent
  • • Start with the words of the topic, only when the topic is given to you
  • • Do not begin with gerunds
  • • Late starts and early starts can be caught
  • • Pay attention and try to identify the opponents' mistakes
  • • No repetition of ideas permitted
  • Judging Criteria :

    Organizers' Details :