About the Event:

Are you a big-time foodie, a glutton who loves to eat it all in one go? For all the food-lovers with appetites bigger than their tummies who love gorging and munching, Incridea’20 presents- Hogathon. A mega food eating competition to hog it all as fast as you can, let’s see “How Big Your Appetite is?”

Event details:

  • • The event consists of 3 rounds
  • • Contestants to eat the least in each round will be eliminated
  • • Only individual participation is permitted
  • Rules And Regulations :

  • • Each participant will have to finish the given food items within the time limit
  • • The participant must finish one item completely before starting the next
  • • Any item that is not completely eaten will not be considered
  • • Any item eaten after the allotted time will not be considered
  • • Judging is based on maximum amount of food eaten in the minimum time possible
  • • The decision taken by the judge is final
  • Team and Registration Details :

  • • Participants contest individually
  • • Participants have to pay a registration fee (not included in global registration)
  • • Participants must possess the PID as well as their respective college ID
  • Organizers’ Details: