About the Event

When a great idea takes root in your mind, you find yourself engrossed with it. It consumes every moment and takes up every priority. We welcome you to Hackridea, a 24 hour long caffeine fuelled marathon of brainstorming, problem solving and coding. Drop everything else and endeavor to give form to your idea and see it come to life!

Rules And Regulations :

  • •Only the shortlisted teams of Round 1 are eligible to participate in Round 2
  • • Travel charges to the venue i.e., NMAMIT must be borne by the participants
  • • Only 24 hours will be provided to build the prototype
  • • Already built product/taking help from other people will lead to disqualification
  • • Open source libraries can be used, provided the library has a GNU General Public License
  • • The decision of the jury will be transparent, final and binding
  • • Participants are requested to bring their own hardware and software required to develop the prototype which needs to be verified with the organizers
  • • Participants should implement only on those ideas submitted during the online phases by them. If found implementing other ideas, they will be disqualified
  • • Disqualification of the entire team or strict action will be taken against them
  • • After 10 pm, participants will not be allowed to go out unless they are accompanied by event organizers/volunteers
  • • Any kind of intoxicant is strictly prohibited inside the campus
  • • Organizers decision will be considered final for any conflicts which may arise before or during the event
  • • Theme: Innovation in any field of engineering or technology
  • Round 1: Idea Submission and Selection
  • Round 2: Prototype Building
  • Round 3: Presentation
  • • Prizes will be awarded for the first and second positions
  • Judging Criteria :

    Team and Registration Details :

    Organizers' Details: