About :

The escape room is an event that unleashes the detective in you. With a few technical skills and a keen sense of observation, you have to escape from the grasp of your kidnapper. Your basic chemistry and biology knowledge and your stamina will be the key to help solve the mystery. Get trapped in the room, decode whodunit and escape!

Event details:

  • • Round 1: Questions related to basic chemistry and biology will be asked with a few brain teasers and puzzles. 30 minutes will be given to complete the questionnaire. The top 10 teams will be selected based on the highest scores.
  • • Round 2: This round will be a scavenger hunt where the teams will be gathering clues and protocols for the final round. Only 3 teams which are be able to gather all the clues will be allowed to proceed to the final round.
  • • Round 3: The teams have to solve puzzles and perform certain basic chemistry experiments to solve the mystery and escape from the room.
  • Rules And Regulations :

    Judging Criteria :