About the Event:

Dance is a great way to express oneself. Dance from your heart and let your passion shine through. If you think you and your partner can create magic and set the stage on fire, then duet it out!

Event Details:

Rules And Regulations :

  • • Any number of entries per college
  • • The participants may perform on any genre of dance
  • • The time duration is 3+1 minutes. Participants are required to strictly adhere to the time limits
  • • Vulgarity of any kind will lead to disqualification
  • • No gender restrictions on team constitution
  • • Prior information about props (if any) must be given to the respective event organizers
  • • Songs must be submitted to the event organizers in a USB one hour prior to the scheduled time of the event
  • • The use of fire, swords, and knives is strictly prohibited
  • • Judgment will be based on synchronization, innovation, rhythm, and expression
  • • The decision of the judges will be final
  • • The team must mention their form of dance while registering. Deviation from the form is not appreciated
  • Judging Criteria :

    Team and Registration Details :

    Organizers' Details :