About the Event:

Are you eager to exhibit your hacking skills?

Capture The Flag is an information security competition that challenges you to solve a variety of tasks ranging from a scavenger hunt to basic programming exercises, to hacking your way into a server to steal data.

Rules And Regulations :

  • • Teams should consist of 1-2 members
  • • It's strictly prohibited to perform any kind of Denial of Service Attack (DoS/DDoS) against the servers or the competition's infrastructure
  • • Do not try to exchange flags or write-ups during the competition
  • • Do not share recent discoveries related to challenges publicly on IRC channels, WhatsApp,Facebook or any other social networks/messaging app, nor in any other way with the contestants of other teams
  • • It is recommended to use your own system/laptop. We will be providing systems for those who do not have their own systems but they will be just live USB Kali installations
  • • You are free to use any software that is open source/free or written by you
  • • Judges decision will be considered final
  • • Round 1:
  • o Round duration: 3 hours
  • o The round will be a jeopardy style CTF. You will be given various problems under Forensics,Steganography, Cryptography and Web Exploitations. Points will be assigned based on the difficulty of the problem. Teams with the most points will move forward to Round 2
  • • Round 2:
  • o Round duration: 3 hours
  • o This round will be a King of the Hill style CTF. You will be provided with various systems with varying levels of difficulty. You are supposed to hack into them and change a file which in turn will make the system yours. You can defend your system without changing any network or firewall rules
  • • The team with maximum points at the end of all rounds will be declared winners
  • Organizers