About the Event:

“I'll be singing hymns to the rafters, be praising his goodness so loud they're going to have to turn down the volume in Heaven.” Come entice the audience in the soothing Bhajan competition.

Rules And Regulations :

  • • Every team must consist of 5 to 8 members
  • • A Bhajan can be sung with or without Indian musical instruments
  • • A person can participate only in one team. If found participating in more than one team, it will lead to the disqualification of both the teams
  • • The duration must be 10 to 15 minutes
  • • A maximum of four microphones will be provided to each team
  • • An additional 5 minutes will be given for the stage setup
  • • Bhajans can be of any Indian language
  • • Participants must possess the PID card as well as their respective college IDs
  • Judging Criteria :

  • • The judgment is based on the quality of singing(sur, raag and tal), involvement and synchronization(with other singers and instruments if used), selection of Bhajans, dress code, creativity, and overall performances
  • • The decision of the Judges will be final
  • Organizers’ Details: