About the Event

A golden opportunity awaits all the tremendous bands in Karnataka to win the ultimate showdown - Battle of the Bands.

Rules And Regulations :

  • •A maximum of 6 bands will be allowed to participate. The bands will be selected for the competition based on the videos submitted.
  • • A band can have a maximum of 8 members on stage with a minimum of 1 drummer, 1 guitarist and 1 Bassist
  • • Genres like Rock, Metal, and Fusion are preferred. However, there is no restriction for languages, or other genres
  • • Each team is allotted 5 minutes for sound-check and 15 minutes for the performance. Exceeding the 20-minute time limit will earn negative points
  • • Judgment criterion is based on musical quality, technical merit, band synchronization, stage presence, and overall performance
  • • Bonus marks are awarded for original composition, musical complexity and theme integration
  • • Organizers hold the right to disqualify any band at their discretion without prior notice
  • • The decision of the organizers under any circumstances will be final
  • • Any vulgarity will lead to disqualification
  • • Results of this event won't be considered for Winner and Runners Trophy of the fest
  • • The last day to submit entries will be 5th of February, 2020
  • • Intoxications of any form are not allowed inside the college campus. Participants found with narcotics and intoxicants within the campus will be immediately disqualified
  • Organizers' Details: