Tides of Change



About the event:
Are you an electronics geek? Do you want to test your circuit building skills and be a winner? Then Wired! is the
place you should be. Come, show us what you’ve got!

Event Details:

Round 1: Electro-puzzled

  • A crossword puzzle, consisting of technical terms related to electronics.
  • The teams should try to find the words in 20 minutes.
  • Top 10 teams which have found the highest number of words will go on to the next round.

Round 2: Tech-charades

  • The selected teams will be given a time duration of 3 minutes, one person of the team will be given terms
    related to electronics.
  • The other person of the team should guess the term from the clues given by his teammate.
  • The clues should consist of characteristics and applications of the term.
  • Top 4 teams go to the next round.

Round 3: Debugged!

  • The selected teams will be given 2 analog circuits with errors in it.
  • The team which provides the desired output in the least time wins.

Rules And Regulations:

  • This is a team event with each team consisting of only 2 members.
  • All the teammates are required to be present for further rounds.
  • Use of internet or any kind of external reading materials/textbooks will be strictly prohibited.
  • College ID is compulsory.
  • Organizers will contact the teams selected for higher rounds.
  • Participants are expected to abide by the basic ethical norms and requirements of the event.

Judgement Criteria:

  • Participants will be judged based on the rounds by the organizers.
  • Judging criteria varies in each round.
  • In case of any complications the lecturer in charge would intervene to judge the qualifier round.


Venue :

LH301, LH302, Project Lab 2

Event Type :

Team Event

Team Size :

2 members per team

Round 1

27 Apr

3:30 am

Round 2

28 Apr

4:00 am

Round 3

28 Apr

8:00 am