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About the Event

Vogue is a Cosplay Convention where participants dress up as a character from a work of fiction such as anime, video games, cartoons, Bollywood, Hollywood, and web series. In addition to creating authentic costumes, the cosplayers also act in character. This event is a form of self-expression and creative outlet for fashion enthusiasts. It allows them to explore their creativity, connect with people who share their interests and serves as a platform for cultural exchange.

Round Details:


  • A rapid category-based ramp-walk to showcase the costume and the character of the contestant.
  • Participants will qualify to the next round based on the outfit, relevance to theme, style, and overall impression.


  • The contestants are organized into teams and tasked with impromptu performances, wherein they portray a given scenario while staying true to their character.
  • Audience poll to choose the best team and top performers from each category.


  • The finale comprises a ramp walk by the leading competitors, succeeded by a Q&A session with the judges, who pose queries pertaining to their respective character.
  • The winner will be determined, in part, by an audience poll.


Venue :

APJ Block, Shambhavi Hall

Event Type :

Solo Event

Round 1

29 Apr

3:30 am

Round 2

29 Apr

5:00 am

Round 3

29 Apr

7:30 am