Tides of Change



About the Event:

Join us and witness the incredible vocal talent at our upcoming event! Featuring talented students from our university and beyond, this event promises to be a showcase of the best young voices in the area. From classical to contemporary, our singers will perform a range of genres that are sure to impress. Come support our talented performers and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of music!


Event rules:

  • It is a solo event.
  • The time limit is 4 minutes.
  • There will be only one round, where participants can sing a song belonging to either the Eastern or Western category. (Prizes will be awarded to winners from each category)
  • One person can accompany the participant for karaoke or instrument. (Participants are requested to carry their own instruments)
  • The accompanist must be from the same college as the participant.
  • Participants are requested to get the karaoke version of their song (if required) in a pen drive.
  • The judges' decision is final.
  • Participants can register on spot.

Judging Criteria:

  • Vocal quality and modulation
  • Expression
  • Stage impression
  • Overall Impact


Venue :

Shambhavi, Phalguni

Event Type :

Solo Event

Round 1

28 Apr

3:30 am