Tides of Change



About the Event:

Let’s explore the unseen skills of our dear faculty in this staff only event. It’s time for a role swap!

An exclusive event open only to the teaching and non-teaching staff of NMAMIT!

Event Details:
Round 1: Figure it out
 30 questions comprising of brainteasers, guess the missing letter, find the words etc. will be asked. The time given for solving is 20 minutes.

Round 2: Team up
 Individuals selected from Round 1 will be divided into groups and exciting fun games will be conducted for each group.
 The rules for the games will be announced on the spot before the start of the game.
 The team can discuss among themselves and send their team member(s) for a particular game.
 Top teams with the highest points will qualify for the final round.

Round 3: Take a guess
 Audio-Visual round where the participants will be shown pictures of eminent personalities and will be asked to figure out their contribution or vice versa.
 Song tunes or voices of the personalities will be played and participants have to guess which song or which celebrity it is and similar questions.
In case of tie between two participants with most score, a tie breaker round will be conducted.

Rules and Regulations:
 This event is exclusively for Staff of NMAMIT (includes non-teaching staff also) and can only be participated individually.
 The participant with higher points will qualify for the successive rounds.


Venue :


Event Type :

Solo Event

Round 1

26 Apr

4:30 am

Round 2

28 Apr

4:30 am