Tech Tofia: IoT Frontier Challenge

Tech Tofia: IoT Frontier Challenge

Tech Tofia is a dynamic two-round competition calling all creative thinkers and tech enthusiasts to ignite participants’ ingenuity and showcase their engineering skills at the IoT Design Challenge.

This thrilling competition to test your ability to conceptualise, design, and build innovative IoT (Internet of Things) projects.

Craft a virtual prototype in Tinkercad, then bring it to life using real-world hardware!

Event Details:

Round 1: Tinkercad Challenge

  1. Design a functional IoT project using Tinkercad
  2. Create a clear and concise circuit diagram
  3. Write well-structured code that demonstrates logical thinking and problem-solving

Round 2: Hardware Implementation

  1. Assemble your project using the provided hardware.
  2. Troubleshoot any issues that arise and demonstrate the successful operation of your project.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. A team must consist of 2 members.
  2. All the participants must be from the same college.
  3. Participants must present a physical college ID card and PID to participate in the event.
  4. The decisions of the judges and organisers will be final.

Judging Criteria:

1. Round 1: Tinkercad Challenge

  • Functionality and innovation of the project.
  • Code efficiency and readability.
  • Circuit design and organisation.
  • Clear and effective presentation of the project.

2. Round 2: Hardware Implementation

  • Successful hardware implementation of the Tinkercad design.
  • Project functionality and demonstration.
  • Problem-solving skills and resourcefulness.
  • Teamwork and communication (if applicable).


Venue :


Event Type :

Team Event

Team Size :

2 members per team

Maximum Participants :


Round 1

24 Feb

4:00 am

Round 2

24 Feb

5:30 am