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Shutter Up

Shutter Up


Shutter Up is an incredible opportunity for photographers of all levels to showcase their talents and tell a story that transcends words. Whether you've spent months preparing for the perfect shot or captured a fleeting moment on a whim, this event is your chance to share your vision with the world. With a single click of the shutter, you can create an image that resonates with viewers for a lifetime. So, focus your lens, tune out distractions, and get ready to capture something truly unforgettable.


Round 1:

The preliminary round will test the participants during the competition, organizers may ask participants to click pictures on the given theme.
Theme will be given on the day of the event.

Round 2:

The Round 2 begins with shutter speeds fast, and lenses aimed to capture the past.
We roam the streets with a watchful eye, in search of scenes that catch the eye.

Round 3:

In the final round, participants will be given a theme. Each team should click pictures and build a story based on the theme.


  • Any number of teams per college is allowed, each team can comprise of 3 members.
  • On spot event registrations before the commencement of the first round is permitted. College ID and PID are compulsory.
  • Any camera can be used. Mobile cameras also can be used. Soft copy of the clicked pictures must be submitted.
  • Topic will be announced on the spot. Pictures must be clicked strictly within the campus.
  • Original photos have to be submitted. Processing or usage of software filters is not allowed, if found otherwise it will result in direct disqualification.
  • Participants should submit pictures within the time limit provided. Downloaded pictures, using internet or any other form of malpractice is strictly banned and will result in disqualification.


Venue :

LH-303,DSP Lab

Event Type :

Team Event

Team Size :

1 - 3 members per team

Round 1

26 Apr

3:30 am

Round 2

27 Apr

4:00 am

Round 3

28 Apr

4:00 am