Tides of Change



About the event:
The outcome of war is not based on who is right but rather on who is left standing. Are you enthusiastic about bots? Or do you enjoy witnessing destruction? Embark on the journey to greatness by indulging in fierce combat, intense bot battles, and flying blades. Merge your technical expertise with your inner warrior to achieve ultimate victory or risk your bot ending up in the scrapyard. Strategize your fights, stay composed, and hope for the best, because Robo-Wars has reached new heights of craziness in its latest version!

Event details:

Match details:

• The aim of the match is to demolish and immobilize the other bot. The competition is played on a knock-out basis.
• Each match consists of 2 rounds of 3 minutes each with a 1-minute time gap between subsequent rounds.
• Each team has a maximum time-out of 4 minutes for the entire match.
• If neither bot can demolish or immobilize the other after both rounds, the winner will be selected based on points and damage incurred by both teams.
• Any change in the rules by the judge shall be intimidated to the teams in the event arena.

Bot specifications:
• The maximum weight of the robot, excluding the remote control and control wires, is 45 kg with a tolerance of up to 10%.
• The bot must fit within the dimensions of 600mm x 600mm x 600mm.
• Both wired and wireless bots are permitted.
• On-board battery-powered robots' weight will be considered.
• The bot should have minimal ground clearance to prevent damage to the arena.

Battery and Power supply:
• On-board and off-board power supplies are allowed.
• Batteries must be of the sealed, immobilized-electrolyte type, such as gel cells, lithium, NiCad, NiMH, or dry cells.
• The voltage between any two terminals in the robot must not exceed 36V, and there are no restrictions on power consumption.
• IC engines are not allowed in any form.
• If wired, the wire should remain slack under all circumstances during the competition.
• The wire length between the controlling device and the power supply and between the machine and the controlling device should be at least 5 meters.

Rules and regulations:
• The bot must pass safety inspection before the event.
• The organizers can change any or all the rules as they see fit.
• Violation of any rules will result in immediate disqualification.
• A bot will be declared immobile if it cannot exhibit a linear motion of at least one inch within 20 seconds.
• A bot with one side of its drive train disabled will not be counted out if it can demonstrate some degree of controlled movement.
• Teams not ready when called for battle will be considered to have declared a walkover and will receive no points.
• Splitting the bot into two sub-units is not allowed.
Minor damages to the arena will result in negative points based on the degree of damage.
Bots causing major damage to the arena will be disqualified.
The bot should not violate the specified design criteria.
Safety rules must be followed, or teams will be disqualified.
The judges' decision will be final and binding.
External contestants should preferably register before the event. Spot registrations are also permitted.

Judging criteria:

• Pin

• Ram

• Topple


Venue :

Infront of NC Block, Survey Lab

Event Type :

Team Event

Team Size :

2 - 5 members per team

Maximum Participants :


Round 1

28 Apr

3:30 am