Robo Soccer

Robo Soccer

Stepping away from the traditional cheers of soccer stadiums! While the world has marvelled at the unforgettable moments of legendary athletes like Messi, Ronaldo, and Chhetri, it's time for you to redefine sporting excellence. We present a cutting-edge fusion of technology and competition: Robo Soccer.

In this arena, it's all about machines and your prowess in manoeuvring them. Join us as we embark on a journey where bolts and bytes take centre stage, scripting a new era in sports innovation at Nitte!

Event Details:

After the closure of on-spot registrations, team captains will have the opportunity to pick slots. The fixture details will be promptly displayed thereafter. Once the fixtures are established based on the chosen slots, no changes will be permitted.

Match Details:

1. In the beginning, the ball will be kept in the middle of the arena.

2. The match will consist of two halves.

3. The side will be decided by the toss.

4. The duration of each half will depend on the type of match as follows:   

  • Initial knockout match: 3 minutes.  
  1. Each half will be of 1.5 minutes
  2. Court change after that first half.
  • Quarter final: 3 minutes.
  1. Each half will be of 1.5 minutes 
  2. Court change after that first half.   
  • Semi-finals and Final: 5 minutes 
  1. Each half will be 2.5 minutes 
  2. Court change after that first half 

 5. 1 minute break will be given during the court change in semi-finals and finals only.

 6. Based on the number of teams, the time constraints may be changed.

 7. Golden Goal: In case of a draw, both teams will play for a golden goal, the team to score the first goal will be considered the winner.

 8. The soccer bot can only transform to its size at the beginning, it cannot be divided into multiple parts later.

 9. The weight of the bot will be checked before starting each match. Once the weight of the bot is finalised,
no modifications to the weight will be allowed.

10. Technical time out: If the bot is immobilised during the match, the team will first be given 60 seconds to fix it without any loss of points.

11. If the team fails to fix it in 60 seconds, another 60 seconds can be given at the expense of 1 point.

12. If the team does not repair the bot within this time, then it will be disqualified.

13. Stalling tactics of any kind will not be tolerated.

14. All the bots must have their own power supply.

15. The referee will analyse bots before each match and only after their approval bot can enter the match. They have the right to reject the bots, taking
into consideration the rules and dimension limits.

16. The match will be paused in case of any entanglement of wires of both bots. If the ball is immobile for 10 seconds, then the game will be reset, and
the ball will be declared as a common ball.

17. The ball should not be lifted in the air by the bot.

18. In case a team is disqualified, the opponent team wins the match by default.

19. The dimensions provided in the rules must be followed for the bots to participate.

20. Ready-made kits/Lego models are not allowed.

21. Only 3 members of each team are allowed to be present at a time in the arena.

22. If the bot is wired, one member will be the controller of the bot, and the other will hold the wire.

23. The structure of the robot should not change during the competition (e.g., if you have a wedge at the front, you can’t convert it into a claw or vice

24. The organisers will not be responsible for any kind of electromagnetic interference in the wireless communication.

25. One member of the team must be present near the arena, or the room provided at any given time.

26. Teams must be ready before the time mentioned in fixtures.

27. A warning call will be given for every 2 minutes from the time given for the team, after the third call, the team will be disqualified.

28. The bot should not be disassembled until the results are declared.

29. If a foul is committed, and a goal occurs before the play is restarted due the foul, the goal will not be counted.

30. Pulling the bot with connected wires on the arena will lead to disqualification.

Bot Specifications

  1. Bots can be wired or wireless. Wireless bots should have a minimum range of 12 feet.
  2. Wires must be sufficient to reach all corners of the arena.
  3. The potential difference between any two electrical points on the robot must not exceed more than 12 volts throughout the run.
  4. Gripping mechanism is not allowed.

Bot Dimensions

  1. Length <= 30 cm
  2. Breadth <= 30 cm
  3. Height <= 30 cm
  4. A total of 5% tolerance is allowed on length, breadth, and height
  5. Weight: 5 kg (Tolerance of 10%)

Rules and Regulations:

  1. A team must consist of 4 members
  2. All the participants must be from the same college.
  3. Participants must present a physical college ID card and PID to participate in the event.
  4. Teams must arrive on time; any anticipated delays must be conveyed to the organisers in advance.
  5. Fixture assignments will be determined through the slot selection process. The need for a loser's bracket will be decided by the organisers based on the total number of participants.
  6. Organisers have the right to change any of the rules as per the circumstances.
  7. Bots cannot be changed with other teams from the same college or other under any circumstances, that is if bot A from team A is in the finals/initial/semi-finals with a damaged bot and bot C from team C has a similar bot from the same college or other, they should continue playing with bot A.
  8. The controller of the bot cannot be changed within the same team; the same controller controls the bot during the entire tournament.
  9. One person can be a part of only one team.
  10. No tools will be provided by the organizers or the college, the participants should bring their own tools.
  11. The decisions of organisers and referees will be final.

Judging Criteria:

  1. Each goal scored by a team will result in 4 points being awarded.
  2. A warning will be given for not following the rules and 2 points will be deducted for each subsequent warning.
  3. The winner of the competition will be declared based on the points scored.


Venue :

SMV Block entrance, Ground Floor

Event Type :

Team Event

Team Size :

4 members per team

Round 1

22 Feb

5:00 am

Round 2

22 Feb

7:00 am

Round 3

22 Feb

9:00 am

Round 4

22 Feb

9:40 am