Respawn: FIFA

Respawn: FIFA

Gamers! Done with the slow-monotonous-daily life?   

If hitting a football gives you a real kick or shifting gears leaves your blood pounding with the thrill of the chase, or perhaps the sound of the Vandal is enough to revive you after a long day…then you are not just a player, you are a gamer! 

RESPAWN welcomes all gamers to the battleground. Form up and show everyone your squad’s synergy!  

Event Details:

  1. Registration Fees is Rs 60/- 
  2. Preliminary rounds:
  • Knockout rounds where the winner advances to the next round. 
  • Half time duration: 5 minutes.  

 3. Finals:

  • Half time duration: 10 minutes. 
  • The winner and runner-up will be decided. 
  • Tie in the Finals will have Extra Time Followed by Penalties.  

 4. Players who use a Controller, Joystick, Gaming Mouse, etc. can bring their own, else the controller will
be provided with an extra charge (Rs.40/-) which should be paid on the spot. 

 5. In case of a tie during the allotted time in the preliminary rounds, most shots on target will be
considered to decide the winner.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Number of participants in team: Number of participants allowed for FIFA : 1
  2. Participants must have the same college ID card in person to participate in the event. 
  3. The decisions of the judges and organisers will be final.


Venue :

CSL 04, 4th floor APJ block

Event Type :

Solo Event

Round 1

24 Feb

4:00 am