Tides of Change



  • Participants must get their own Cell phone.
  • Usage of any patches and cheats will lead to disqualification of the team.
  • In case of any Disputes, Organizer's decision will be FINAL.
  • No participation fees.
  • Limited number of participants is allowed.

Preliminary rounds:

  • Knockout round where the winner advances to the next round. (Matches will be held according to the team strength)
  • Half time duration: 4 minutes.
  • Winners of the first round will compete again with each other until they reach the next round.
  • Half time duration: 5 minutes.
  • Players can play with squads.


  • Half time duration: 7 minutes.
  • The winner and runner-up will be decided.
  • In case of a tie in PRELIMINARY rounds, winners will be decided in penalty shootouts (No extra time will be provided).
  • Tie in KNOCKOUT rounds will have extra time followed by penalties.


Venue :

LH 309

Event Type :

Solo Event (Multiple Entry)

Maximum Participants :


Round 1

28 Apr

4:00 am