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Lazzerena is a laser tag game which allows the video game lovers to experience warzone scenarios in real life. It is played with guns which emit infrared beams. Infrared sensitive sensors which are integrated on jackets are worn by each player .The game will comprise of two teams and each team will try to knockout the opponent by firing on their respective sensors.

Event Details:

 Each game will consist of 2 teams with 4 members each at a time.
 Participants can be in the game until the opponent team is defeated.
 Entry fees for each member of the team will be Rs.60 for the first-time entry.
 If any member of the team plays for the second time must pay only Rs.50

Rules And Regulations:

 The game involves two teams, with a maximum of four members each.
 Two teams will be playing at a time, entering from two different entrances.
 Each team is equipped with laser-based handguns and has three lives, with each player having 30 points.
 To gain points, players must knock out opponents with the laser-based handguns.
 One hit on a player account for 10 points, and a player is disqualified after being hit three times.
 The game has two ways to win: the first team to reach 100 points wins, or the team that loses all three of
their lives loses the game.
 Participants are expected to abide by ethical norms and rules of the event, with no tolerance for physical


Venue :


Event Type :

Team Event (Multiple Entry)

Round 1

26 Apr

5:00 am

On-spot registrations only