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Knuckle Down

Knuckle Down

Perfect aiming is the most significant deed which results in the appropriate execution of an uphill battle. With your commitment and sharpness, cite the given ship to the bull’s eye.

Event details:

  • Aim to position the ship to hit the bull's eye to score the highest points of 35.
  • The scoring scheme includes different levels of points for hitting the inner, magpie, and outer targets.
  • No points are awarded for missing the target.
  • Each participant is allowed 3 attempts to achieve the best possible score.

Rules and regulations:

  • Any number of entries per college is allowed.
  • Ships will be provided.
  • The demo will be shown priorly.
  • This event entertains individual participation.
  • The participants must present their college ID while registering.
  • The ship must be handled with great care and attention.
  • The judges will determine the winners based on the total score achieved in the 3 attempts.
  • The organizers' decision is final.

Judging criteria:

  • Accuracy
  • Skill
  • Strategy


Venue :

Ramanujan Parking Area

Event Type :

Solo Event (Multiple Entry)

Maximum Participants :


Round 1

27 Apr

4:30 am