Tides of Change



About the event:

Can you improvise a topic better than we can improvise this description? Are you spontaneous enough to be the wittiest one among them all? Do you have the itch to make a joke out of every possible scenario? If so, come showcase your skills because this event is just right for you!

Event Details:

Round 1: Questions Only

  • The point of the game is to hold a conversation using only questions. Players take turns asking questions to each other, and the first person to say a statement is out.
  • No question tags allowed and there shouldn't be any repetitive questions; the trick is just to get another player to fall into the habit of automatically answering a question.
  • Only one person from a team can participate.
  • Questions Only will be in English by default, if one of the teams wants to use a different language, then they can use it only if the opponent team is also using the same language.

Note: If there are 30+ teams, before Emotional Atyachar there will be an elimination round.

Elimination Round: Varnamala

  • Two Players from opposing teams perform a scene in which each line begins with the next sequential letter of the alphabet. This will continue till the whole Alphabet Cycle is completed.
  • Marks are deducted with every mistake.
  • Scene and the Starting Letter will be given on spot.
  • Only one person from a team can participate. (Note that the participant who took part in Questions Only cannot take part in this round. The other participant from the team will be taking part here)

Round 2: Emotional Atyachar

  • The scene will be divided in 4 quadrants, and allocate 4 different emotions to each quadrant.
  • The scene will be given on spot.
  • Players improvise a scene, but need to take on the emotion of the quadrant they are in.
  • The players must switch to the emotion mentioned in each quadrant voluntarily, and make the best use of all the 4 emotions to complete the scene.
  • The act will be judged based on the efficient use of all emotions and regular movements in the quadrant.
  • Top 4 teams will advance to the final round.

Round 3: End Game

  • The moderator randomly picks a scene and the roles will be assigned.
  • Additional clauses and props may be placed by the moderator during the performance.
  • Scene is judged based on the comic timing and the way scene is executed.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Only students pursuing an engineering degree are allowed to participate.
  • Team members must be from the same college.
  • The rounds can be performed in English, Hindi, Kannada or Tulu.
  • Two members in a team.
  • The teams must adhere to the spirit of healthy competition.
  • Any number of teams is allowed.
  • The decision of the judges and organizers is final and irrevocable.
  • Participants are not allowed to mention the real names of any political entity or religion at any point in their act.

Judging Criteria:

  • Judgement will be based on timing, expressions, emotions and execution.


Venue :

Sambhram Auditorium

Event Type :

Team Event

Team Size :

2 members per team

Round 1

27 Apr

7:00 am

Round 2

27 Apr

8:00 am

Round 3

27 Apr

9:00 am