Tides of Change



About the Event:

An event that unleashes the detective in you. With a few technical skills and a keen sense of observation, you must escape from the grasp of your kidnapper. Your basic chemistry and biology knowledge along with your problem-solving skills will be key to uncovering the secrets of the room.
Enter the room, decode who did it, and escape!

Event Details:

  • Round 1: Screening Test
    • A questionnaire that tests your knowledge of the fundamental sciences (physics, chemistry, biology)
    • A total of 30 minutes will be given to complete the questionnaire
    • The top 10 teams with the highest scores will progress to the next round
  • Round 2: Protocol Hunt
    • The remaining teams will need to scavenge for clues that direct them to the Escape Room
    • The fastest three teams to collect all the clues shall qualify for the final round
  • Round 3: Escape Room
    • The finalists will be trapped in the room
    • They must progress through a story by performing simple experiments that eventually lead them to the key to flee the room

Rules and Regulations:

  • Two members will be allowed to form a team
  • Use of smartphones or any other such devices is strictly prohibited

Judging Criteria:

  • Two teams shall be declared as the winner and runner-up respectively
  • Organizer's decision is final


Venue :

LH210 & BTL01

Event Type :

Team Event

Team Size :

1 - 2 members per team

Round 1

27 Apr

3:30 am

Round 2

28 Apr

3:30 am

Round 3

28 Apr

8:30 am