Tides of Change



About the Event:

Explore the CTF! Capture The Flag (CTF) is a platform to show-off your hacking skills and flex your problem solving skills. Through a series of problems in the Web Exploitation, Forensics, Programming, Packet Analysis, Binary Exploitation, Cryptography, Steganography, and some miscellaneous categories.

  • Round 1: Aptitude Round
    • Time allotted is 20 mins.
    • 30 questions on aptitude, recent technologies, programming computer networks and cryptography.
  • Round 2: Jeopardy-style CTF
    • A couple of questions (tasks) in a range of categories: Web Exploitation, Forensics, Programming, Packet Analysis, Binary Exploitation, Cryptography, Steganography and some miscellaneous categories will be asked.

  • Rules and Regulations:
    • It is compulsory to bring your own laptops and it is recommended to use your own system/laptop.
    • Attacking the other teams will lead to direct disqualification.
    • It's strictly prohibited to perform any kind of Denial of Service Attack (DoS/DDoS) against the servers or the Infrastructure.
    • DO NOT use Brute Force on the flag submission system because the flags cannot be guessed.
    • DO NOT try to exchange flags or write-ups during the competition.
    • DO NOT share recent discoveries related to challenges publicly on IRC channels WhatsApp, Facebook or any other social networks/messaging app, nor in any other way with the contestants of other teams.
    • You are free to use any software that is open source/free or written by you. The judging is done automatically through software and will be based on points. If your team and another team are tied, then the decision will be based on the lowest total time.
  • Judging Criteria:
    • The number of flags submitted and their correctness in the shortest period of time.


Venue :

CSL01, CSL02

Event Type :

Team Event

Team Size :

1 - 2 members per team

Maximum Participants :


Round 1

29 Apr

4:00 am

Round 2

29 Apr

4:30 am