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Code Studio

Code Studio

About the Event:

If you possess strong coding skills and have a passion for coding, then Code Studio offers an excellent platform for you to showcase your abilities. With four rounds in total, this is a perfect opportunity for you to put your coding skills to the test and prove your expertise.

Event Details:

Round 1: Preliminary round [venue ISL 01, ISL 04, CSL 07]

  • The round requires participants to solve 30 multiple-choice questions within 30 minutes, out of which top 40 teams are taken for next round.

Round 2: Encode the Output [venue ISL 1, ISL 4, ISL 8] 

  • Participants will receive a set of outputs and will be required to write corresponding codes. The top 15 teams will advance to the next round.

Round 3: Finding Bugs [venue ISL 5, ISL6] 

  • Teams will be given a program or snapshots with error messages or bugs. The task is to debug the program and obtain the desired output.
  • The top 7 teams with the highest number of questions debugged and outputs obtained will qualify for the next round.

Round 4: Betting on your code [Venue ISL 5] 

  • Each team will be provided with certain points, and a problem will be given to be solved using certain coding languages.
  • Bidding goes on with points given to participants. At the end of the game, team with the maximimum points will be declared as a winner.

Refer rulebook for detailed rules and regulations of the event.


Venue :

Round 1 : ISL 01

Event Type :

Team Event

Team Size :

1 - 2 members per team

Maximum Participants :


Round 1

27 Apr

4:00 am

Round 2

27 Apr

7:30 am

Round 3

28 Apr

4:00 am

Round 4

28 Apr

7:30 am