About Incridea

Welcome to the Incridea Festival

An amalgamation of all forms of technical, literary and cultural activities - Incridea is a celebration of fervour and talent. It is the national level techno-cultural fest of NMAM Institute of Technology, Nitte. Incridea is all about the competitive spirit. Providing a platform for the exhibition of utmost creativity, our fest has managed to attract students from professional colleges all over the country. With a footfall of over 15,000 students in the campus and over 50 events planned and executed, Incridea has reached a new zenith. A hub of entertainment and education, Incridea has managed to display a flair for perfection. Ranging from quizzes to robotic warfare, we have got it all, along with a few special attractions that we would like to call, our Flagship Events. Incridea witnessed a grand success in its maiden year and this time, it is going to be better than ever.






Registration and Accommodation

Come be a part of Incridea, one of the biggest National level Techno-Cultural fests in the state of Karnataka. Register now to get your PIDs and be a part of INCRIDEA! Please read the rules and regulations to know more about the process and group registrations.

NMAMIT Students: Rs. 100.00 per student.

External Students: Rs. 200.00 per student.

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