Western Group Singing

About The Event

Singing is a way of realizing an emotion that you sometimes can’t portray when you are acting. Music moves your soul, so music is a source of the most intense emotions you can feel.

Event Details

- The team is put through only 1 round.
- The competition will be of 6 minutes. The first bell goes off at the end of 5 minutes and the second bell at the end of 6 minutes.

Rules And Regulations

- Any number of entries per college.
- Registration can be done either on the official Incridea’19 website or from the registration desk in the college campus.
- Spot registrations are allowed.
- College ID and PID are compulsory.
- No gender restriction on team constitution.
- Karaoke or accompanists are allowed. Additional 2 minutes will be provided before singing for the initial setup. An accompanist can accompany only one team.
- If the performance exceeds the time limit, the team shall be disqualified.
- Participants should not introduce themselves before singing.
- It is the contestants’ responsibility to signify their presence one hour before the competition.
- Evaluation will be done by the judges during each performance.
- The decisions taken by the judges and organizers shall stand final.
- Different genre and versatility will be awarded more marks.
- Team limit: 6

Judgement Criteria

- Voice quality, clarity and modulation.
- Synchronization and coordination.
- Pronunciation and confidence.
- Stage presence and time sense.

Organizers Details

Pavan D Shetty
+91 8147024227

Ronak Suvarna
+91 9222290090

Mohammed Munaiz
+91 7349213313

+91 9448368156