About The Event

The stage is set, the lights are lit, the only wait is for all the talented dancers out there. It's time to flaunt your best moves and display your individual brilliance. Come dance your heart out and discover the star within you!

Event Details

Round 1:
- Participants have to perform a solo routine of any western dance form.
- Soundtrack must be submitted to the organizers in a pen drive prior to the event.
- Time duration is 3+1 minutes.
- Selected contestants will move on to the final round.
Round 2 (Finale):
- Two participants will be called on the stage simultaneously. Songs will be played impromptu for which the participants are expected to face-off.
- The first participant has to stop at the buzzer; the second participant has to start dancing immediately at the same song.
- There will be three such throw-downs.

Rules And Regulations

- Judges’ decision will be final.
- Any form of vulgarity will lead to immediate disqualification.
- Use of fire, powder, water or animals is prohibited.

Judging Criteria

Preliminary round:
Choreography, expressions, stage presence and overall impact will be considered.
Final round:
Entertainment factor, spontaneity, creativity will be considered .

Organizers Details

Akash Roshan
+91 9481331230

Deeksha N Bhandary
+91 8884266297