The Vocal Twist

About The Event

When words fail, music speaks. Come sing us your stories and leave the crowd grooving to your music.

Event Details

- Duration: 4 minutes. A short bell will go off as a warning at the third minute.
- A long bell will go off at the end of 4 minutes, indicating the deadline.
- You can sing either eastern or western songs.
- Your category must be indicated to the organiser prior to the performance.
- Prizes will be given separately for both categories.

Rules And Regulations

- Any number of entries per college.
- College ID and PID are compulsory.
- Solo event.
- Registering online prior to the event is mandatory.
- Karaoke or accompanist is allowed.
- One accompanist can accompany only one participant.
- Musical instruments are allowed if necessary. Instruments that will be used must be arranged by the participant.
- Any genre of songs can be selected for the performance.
- No explicit words must be included in the lyrics.

Judgement Criteria

- Expression.
- Vocal quality and modulation.
- Stage presence.
- Overall impact.

Organizers Details

Venkataraman Sairam
+91 9497355244

Amrutha K
+91 9008030216

Anjuna Pramod
+91 9633289572

Keerthana Vinod Kumar
+91 9400543249

+91 8762130208