The Quest 2.0

About The Event

If you're a citizen from the universe of comics, if your choice of a duel is a board game, look no further as we have brought to you, The Quest. An event which will push your fun quotient to the limits! Come and battle it out through to the final showdown where physical fitness and mental agility will earn you a grand title!

Event Details

Round 1: A questionnaire with 30 questions will have to be solved in 20 minutes. The questions will be based on both DC and Marvel.
Round 2:This round will include four board games. Every member of the selected teams will play individual games and the total score of the team will be considered for the qualifications for the next round. The games will be allotted based on the lots picked. The four games are:
- Uno: A card game that's simple and fun!
- Jenga: A game that includes pulling out blocks and trying to build the stack higher until it comes tumbling down.
- Pictureka: A visual hide and seek game where you not only need to find things fast but also find it first.
- Taboo: A game of unspeakable fun which involves guessing of words and phrases.
Round 3:
- This is a final round which includes the game 'mine bomb’.
- The game is such that, a track will be created with obstacles and one member of the team will be blindfolded while the other has to guide him/her through the track without touching the obstacles. The time taken by each of the four finalists will be noted and the team that takes the least amount of time becomes the winner!

Rules And Regulations

- Any number of teams can participate from one college.
- Each round has specific rules and judging criteria.
- Top 10 from the first round move to the second round.
- Top 4 from the second move to the final round.
- Mobile phones cannot be used during the first round.
- The board games must be played according to the rules specified.
- Participants are expected to get their own stationery.
- The organizers’ decision is final.
- Team size: 2

Organizers Details

Avantika Kamath
+91 9480337951

Rakshita Shetty
+91 8197429532

+91 9945399545

Alva Melita Alwin
+91 9611595489