The Masked Reality

About The Event

What is real and what is not? Where is the figure when all are dots? It’s time to put on your thinking cap as we take you through a journey that will make you question the concept of reality.

Event Details

Round 1:
- Involves a written test which will test your knowledge of sports, entertainment, G.K, analytical skills, and logical skills.
- Top 10 teams will be shortlisted for the next round.
Round 2:
- Teams will use the Masked Reality mobile app to arrive at checkpoints by solving puzzles and clues in the given time.
- Top 5 teams with maximum scores will advance to the next round.
. Round 3:
- This round consists of the semi-final and final rounds.
- Both the rounds are kept as suspense until the event.

Rules And Regulations

- All the team members must have a college ID and PID.
- Use of phones is not allowed in Round 1, but in Round 2 and Round 3, every team must have at least one smartphone.
- The teams must adhere to the spirit of healthy competition.
- Global registration is must to participate in the event.
- Contestants are requested to register prior to the event. Spot registrations are also available.
- Team limit: 4

Judgement Criteria

Round 1: Top 10 teams with the highest scores will advance to the next round.
Round 2: Top 5 teams with maximum points in a given time will advance to the next round.
Round 3: The team with maximum scores will be declared as the winner.

Organizers Details

P Shreyas Shetty
+91 9483097167

Rakshith C S
91 9686446756

Adarsh Shetty
+91 8277190855

Akshay G Rao
+91 8277274839