About The Event

Do you think you have a great rapport with your friends? Do you tend to perform well under pressure? Then Techtainment is the event for you.

Event Details

Techtainment is an event that checks the technical knowledge of the participants along with their presence of mind. All you need is some technical knowledge and a great companion.
Round 1:
- An aptitude test will be conducted.
- The questions will be based on basic mental skills and simple technical questions.
- The time allotted for the questionnaire will be 30 minutes.
- Top 30 teams will be selected to go to round 2.

Round 2:
- Bob the Builder: Initially a system is given to each team with connections disconnected and they will be asked to set up the system accordingly and move to the next task.
- C–Words Mania: Each Team will be given a technical crossword based on the C language which they need to solve in the least possible time.
- Top 10 teams based on both the events will make it to round 3.

Round 3:
- Minute to Win It: The team will be given 2 tasks which they are have to complete in one minute.
- Tech it from the Junk: Each team will be given ciphertext (encoded text) which they need to decode using the key provided. This fetches them either the name or date of a particular newspaper, for which they need to search the given pile of papers. Identify the encircled words, rearrange them to form a technical question which needs to be answered. Teams are expected to complete the task in the minimum time possible to go to the final round.
- 3 teams will be selected for the final round.

Final round
- This round is time-oriented and also the finale of the event.
- The Maze: In this round, one of the team members will be blindfolded and has to enter the maze and the other team member will instruct him/her to get out of the maze. In this process, the team will be given four tasks and failing to complete any of the tasks the team will be given a 5 seconds delay. The team completing this round with minimum time wins the event.

Rules And Regulations

- In the maze, the participant who is blindfolded shouldn’t cross the boundary line.
- Any kind of foul play by any team will lead to disqualification.
- Use of any electronic gadgets not allowed.
- Teams found hampering the progress of other teams in any manner will be disqualified.
- Outsourced information is not allowed.
- If there are any conflicts, then the decision of the organizers will be final.
- Team limit: 2

Judgement Criteria

- Every round will have specific judging criteria.
- In case of a tie in task 1 of round 3, then the team that finishes task 2 first will be selected for the next round.
- In round 2 and round 3, the time taken in both the games will be added and the teams with minimum time will qualify.

Organizers Details

Divyansh Saini
+91 70221 70098

Afridah Basheer
+91 82172 52756

Dhanya Nayak
+91 81472 69133

Anvitha Prabhu
+91 73380 94697