Talent House X

About The Event

Talent House X is a platform for amateur performers to showcase absolutely any talent ranging from singing, dancing, comedy and novelty acts. Here’s a chance for you to bring out your hidden ‘X’ quotient on-stage that is going to leave the audience in awe!

Event Details

Round 1: Curtain Raiser
- Only that ‘exemplary’ talent mentioned at the time of portfolio submission is allowed in any of the subsequent rounds. Otherwise, it remains in the rights of the organizers to call for a direct elimination, unless clarified.
- Approval from all the judges on the judgement panel is required to qualify to the subsequent rounds.
- Judges’ and organizers’ decision is final.
Round 2: The Showdown
- There will be only one winner.
- Participants will be awarded points based on their performance and the criteria will be announced at the end of Round 1.
- Judges’ and organizers’ decision is final.

Rules And Regulations

- Any number of entries per college is allowed.
- Participation can be individual or as a group. Each participant must be globally registered.
- Participants are allowed to showcase their talent only once. Once participated, they shall not be allowed a second appearance.
- All the participants must submit their portfolio, stating their ‘exemplary’ talent.
- Participants shall not introduce themselves before their performance.
- Participants must be present at least an hour prior to the commencement of the event.
- Vulgarity will not be entertained as an element of entertainment and will result in direct elimination.
- Strictly no use of fire, water, oil and smoke.
- Props may be used as per participants’ requirements.
- Participants will be given 4 minutes to complete their performance. Additionally, an extra 1 minute is allotted for necessary stage arrangements and clearance.
- Participants are responsible for the cleanliness of the stage after the performance.
- Participants not able to meet the time-criteria shall face consequences.

Judgement Criteria

- Every participant must submit their portfolio.
- External candidates are advised to register prior to the event although spot registrations are accepted.
- Internal candidates should register prior to the event.
- Participants can start sending their portfolio from 6th February 2019 onwards.
- Participants will receive confirmation through email and at their contact number. It is advised to register for the event only after the confirmation.
- Judges’ and organisers’ decision is final.

Organizers Details

Sangeetha K Kini
+91 9880278853

Prerna K
+91 9483458478

Om Singh
+91 8951817140

Akshaj Alva
+91 9482901375