Sp-ent Quiz

About The Event

If you’re a sports buff and you know-it-all when it comes to entertainment, SP-ENT quiz is the place you should be at! Come! Show us what you’ve got!

Event Details

SP-ENT quiz is an event in which teams will be tested on their knowledge of sports and entertainment. Round 1: PRELIMS
- This will be a written test of 20 minutes.
- Use of mobile phones or any electronic gadgets is not allowed.
Round 2: FINALS
- Final round consists of general, audio-visual and rapid-fire rounds.
- Quiz master’s decision is final.

Rules And Regulations

- The quiz master will notify the rules as and when the rounds progress.
- Teams can register online prior to the event, spot registration is also allowed.
- College ID and PID are compulsory.
- Team limit: 3

Organizers Details

Neethi D Shetty
+91 8105245659

Maithili Marla K
+91 8197966178

+91 9900496570

Varun Bharadwaj R
+91 9482282419