About The Event

“We begin thinking that we are alone, but to get hold of this we need to come together and gather up all that we have against the forces”. There will be many hurdles to overcome and we will make sure you come victorious.

Event Details

Contestants will take part in teams.
- Tasks include a variety of fun challenges.
- It will be a 2-day event. The first round will be the prelims, followed by the other rounds.
The semi-final and final rounds will be conducted on the second day.

Rules And Regulations

- The teams are required to get registered on the first day of the event.
- Only the teams that clear the initial hurdles will move on to the season day of the event.
- No team shall be allowed to participate directly on the second day.
- Each team will be monitored by volunteers assigned for the event.
- The rounds will have different set of rules regarding which the participants will be briefed prior to the event.
- Team limit: Minimum – 3 and Maximum - 4

Judgement Criteria

- Each round will have a specific judging criteria.
- Depending upon the rules of each round, scores shall be awarded to the teams.
- Based on the points acquired, the teams shall advance to the next round.

Organizers Details

Savan Ullal
+91 7204578588

Chirag Bangera
+91 9481213278

Sourav TT
+91 8660119866

Preetham Jaya Surathkal
91 9663174859