Slow Bike Race

About The Event

Skill in riding is not about how fast you can go, but about how steady you are even in the trickiest roads. For all the biking enthusiasts, here is an event that gives you a chance to exhibit your riding skills. Here’s a bike race with a twist where the winner is the one who finishes last!

Event Details

Round 1:
- This is the qualifying heat round. The last contestant to cross the finish line gets qualified to the next round. Rider’s foot touching the ground will lead to disqualification.
Round 2:
In this round the contestants have to overcome obstacles to reach the finishing line. Timing will be considered and penalty will be added if the rider’s foot touches the ground.

Rules And Regulations

- Riders must wear a helmet.
- Riders must stay in the lane and cannot go reverse.
- Breaking the rules will lead to disqualification.
- Participants must get their own bikes.

Judging Criteria

- Every round will have specific judging criteria, which will be specified during the competition.

Organizers Details

Pratheek J Shenoy
+91 8095972108

Sanjay Kamath
+91 9901772979