Shutter Up

About The Event

“Wherever there is light one can photograph”.
An event that’s just right for all the photography enthusiasts to tell their story. An event that unlocks the creativity, widens the imagination and brings out the artist in you. You needn't be a professional photographer! All you need is the love for photography. Here’s a chance for you to get the best shots in the frame.

Event Details

The preliminary round will test the participants’ skills in photography wherein the participants have to click pictures related to the given topics. The best pictures will be qualified for the next round.
First Round:
The first round is a Picture Treasure Hunt. The participants have to click pictures once they crack the clue. The first few teams to finish with better pictures will proceed to the final round.
Final Round:
In this round, the finalists will be given a theme. Each team should click pictures based on the theme and make a story based on the pictures.

Rules And Regulations

- Any number of teams per college.
- On-spot event registration can be done.
- College ID and PID are compulsory
- Any camera can be used. Mobile cameras also can be used.
- Soft copy of the clicked pictures must be submitted.
- Contestants have to get pen drives.
- Pictures must be clicked within the campus.
- Original photos have to be submitted, no processing is to be done. Processed pictures will be disqualified. Software filters cannot be used.
- Topics will be announced on the spot.
- Downloaded photographs are not allowed.
- Participants should submit pictures within the time limit provided.
- Malpractice and use of the internet are strictly banned. Any team found doing so will be disqualified.
- Judges’ decision will be final.
- Team limit: 2

Judgement Criteria

- Quality of the picture
- Creativity
- The story behind the picture as explained by the participant
- Each picture is evaluated out of 10.

Organizers Details

Pavithra B
+91 9972458977

C Annapoorna Kamath
+91 7406618007

Sahithya S Shetty
+91 9482279031

Vaishnavi Karanth
+91 9481642542