About The Event

Remember the robots from Robo Wars? Now make them play soccer. Football is without a doubt the most played game on the planet. So, we asked ourselves "Heck, why not make robots do it." And now we have Robo Soccer.

Event Details

In the beginning, a toss will decide the first hold over the ball. The winner of the toss will be in possession of the ball at the centre of arena whereas the opponent will be defending the post.
The match will consist of two halves. The duration of one half will depend on the type of match as-
- Initial knockout matches - 4min
- Quarter and semi-final - 5 min
- Final - 5 min
- In case of a draw, extra time of two minutes will be given to play.

Bot Specification:
- Bots can be wired or wireless.
- Wireless bots should have a minimum range of 12 feet.
- The length of the wire must be greater than 11 feet.

Bot dimensions:
- Length <= 30 cm
- Breadth <= 30 cm
- Height <= 30 cm (10% tolerance allowed on length, breadth and height)
- Weight <= 5 kg

Arena Specification:
- Arena Dimensions: 8 feet by 6 feet.
- The arena will have wall boundaries.
- The ball used in the game will be a plastic based ball (Around 2.5 inch in diameter).

Rules And Regulations

- The members of a team should belong to the same college.
- 5 teams are allowed from each college.
- Only 2 members from a team may be present at a time at the arena.
- If the bot is wired, one member shall be the controller of the bot and the other, the wire holder.
- The soccer bot can only transform to its size at the beginning. It cannot divide into multiple separate parts.
- Each team will be given a time span of 2 minutes at the beginning of each half to make any changes or modifications to the bot. In the beginning, the bot must touch or hit the ball in 10seconds. On failing to do so, the opponent can move his bot.
- If the bot becomes immobile during the match, the team will first be given 60 seconds to fix it, without any loss of points. If the team fails to fix it in these 60 seconds, another 60 seconds will be given at the expense of 1 point. If the team is still not able to repair the bot within this time, then it will be disqualified.
- No stalling of any kind is allowed.
- All bots must have their own power supply.
- Bots will be analysed by the referee before the match. He will select or reject bots, taking into consideration the rules and the dimension limits.
- The match will be paused in case of any entanglement of wires of both the bots.
- If the ball is immobile for 30 seconds the game shall be reset and the ball is declared as common ball.
- The ball cannot be lifted in the air by the bot.
- In case only one team is disqualified, the other team wins by default.
- In case of any disputes, the decisions of the referees or event managers stand final.
- For participation, each team should have their own bot of specified dimensions.
- The students must carry valid student ID cards of their college which they will be required to produce during the time of registration.
- Readymade kits are not allowed. The team is not permitted to compete with more than one bot during one match.
- Team limit: 4

Judgement Criteria

- For each goal scored by a team, 4 points will be awarded.
- If a foul is committed, and a goal occurs before the play is restarted for the foul, the goal is not counted.
- If the bot damages the arena, the ball or the opponent bot (major damage), 2 points will be deducted.
- 2 points will be deducted for the bot which is responsible for hitting the ball out of the arena.
- The winner shall be declared on the basis of points scored.

Organizers Details

Shishir S
+91 8880849291

+91 82969 42333

Syed Nuaman
+91 78929 33124

+91 72592 39165

Raaj Nihaal
+91 9342457255