Robo Race

About The Event

Feel your heart beat fast as you race past everyone else to the finish line! Bring in your robots to compete with the others, and race the tracks filled with many obstacles to reach till the end first and be victorious!

Event Details

The robots built in accordance with the given dimension and specification will be allowed for the game. The robot which completes the track in minimum time will be the winner.

Robot Specifications

- The robot’s dimensions should not exceed 30cm × 30cm × 30cm (l×b×h).
- The weight of the bot should not exceed 3kg.
- However, a tolerance of 5% is acceptable.
- The robot can be powered on board or off the board.
- The potential difference between any two electrical points on the robot must not exceed more than 24volts throughout the run.
- The coordinators will not be responsible for any kind of electromagnetic interference in wireless communication.

Rules And Regulations

- Only students from the same college can form a team.
- You must present your college ID at the registration desk while registering to participate.
- An individual cannot be a member of more than one team.
- A robot cannot be shared by two or more teams.
- The robots cannot be constructed out of ready-made kits available on the market.
- The robot should follow the specifications provided. Any deviation from the mentioned specifications will lead to disqualification.
- No test practice will be allowed on the main track.
- Wired and wireless control is allowed.
- The race will be conducted on timing criterion i.e., the team to complete the whole track in the least amount of time will be the winner.
- The structure of the robot should not be changed during the competition.
- If the robot falls off the bridge, it will be placed back at the previous checkpoint crossed with a penalty.
- Pulling of the robot with connected wires on track will lead to disqualification.
- The robot should not be disassembled until the results are declared.
- The time measured by the organizers will be final.
- Decisions of the judges/coordinators are final.
- Team limit: 4

Organizers Details

Abhishek Nayak
+91 7259738447

+91 9731500308

Karthik Nayak B
+91 7892099505

Keshavraya Nayak
+91 8073155207