About The Event

A test of character and resilience through a variety of mental and physical tasks. Try and keep your chin up when you are pushed towards your breaking point in a room of opponents working their best towards being a Roadie.

Event Details

Round 1: The Prelims
- It consists of 3 parts i.e. questionnaire round, a group discussion round and a surprise element which will be revealed on the spot.
- 20 individuals will be selected for the next round.

Round 2.1
- Contestants will be divided into teams of 4.
- The tasks will be testing the physical and mental strength of the contestants.
- The top 4 winning teams will qualify for the Round 2.2.

Round 2.2
- Contestants will be divided into teams of 4.
- The 2 winning teams will qualify for the Round 3.
- The 2 losing teams will compete for a spot in Round 3.

Round 3: Semi-Final
- Contestants will be divided into teams of 2.
- Top 4 teams qualify for the final round.

Round 4: Finale
- The final round consists of stress interviews.

Rules And Regulations

- Participants must register online prior to the event.
- All the materials required for the tasks will be provided.
- The contestants will be held responsible if any damage is caused to the equipment.
- Contestant is expected to be polite and humble.
- The rapport of the contestant with his/her team will be considered for the judgement.

Judgement Criteria

- The judging criteria will be specified during the competition.
- In stress interviews, judging will be on based on answers to the questions posed, technical knowledge, stress handling capacity, attitude and presence of mind.

Organizers Details

Keerthana Raviprasad
+91 9480468426

Adriel Jochim Lewis
+91 8310458110

Ashritha M Rai
+91 8150036112

Saksham Aurora
+91 8173042183

Shania Pearl
+91 9113661311