About The Event

Panchatantram is an event which includes five techniques that employ one's creativity, technical skills, time management and innovation towards global challenges.

Event Details

Phase 1:
- Duration is 40 minutes.
- It includes MCQs on problem solving and logical reasoning.
- Basic science and technical questions testing memory span and verbal abilities.
Phase 2:
- Duration is 20 minutes.
- It involves monitoring skills and visual clues.
Phase 3:
- Duration is 60 minutes.
- The main task employs participant’s professional skills and grasping power.

Rules And Regulations

- Any number of teams from a college can register for the event.
- Participating team have to register online/offline on or before the day of the event.
- A team of two.
- All the materials required will be provided except stationery items.
- The decision of the judges will be final.

Judgement Criteria

- Selection of teams for the final round will be based on the cut off marks set by the judges.
- In the final round, the team with the maximum points will be announced as the winner of the event.
- Marks for hints will be deducted from final score.

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Organizers Details

Reancy Rodrigues
+91 740541058

Sonalia D’souza
+91 8971124311

Sukshith Kumar Shetty
+91 7349713438

Surabhi Shervegar
+91 8296556390

Sushmitha Bangera
+91 8095008467