About The Event

A series of events to trigger your mind and race through the sands of time. We bring to you - Momentum.

Event Details

Round 1: Preliminary Round
- 30 questions will be given on the spot.
- Time allotted is 40 minutes.
Round 2: Eliminatory round
- The round consists of 2 tasks and the contestants should clear the first task to proceed to the next.
- For the first task, contestants should decode to get solutions for given set of problems.
- For the second task, the contestants should solve the puzzle of the ‘CONNECTING BRIDGE’.
Round 3: Time fire
- The participants must complete the given set of tasks in least possible time.
- The task will be disclosed on the spot.
- The tasks include:
- Identification of minerals and rocks prior to which the names of these with samples shall be displayed for 2 minutes.
- City planning
- Jigsaw puzzle
- The above-mentioned tasks are subject to change and add-ons.
- NOTE: This is a surprise round and will not be mentioned during publicity and will be termed as surprise round.

Rules And Regulations

- Each team consists of utmost 2 members. - Usage of extra materials other than those provided is prohibited. - Usage of calculators or mobile phones during the competition is strictly prohibited. - Decision of the organizers is final and irrevocable.

Judgement Criteria

Evaluation will be done soon after the prelims. Top 10 teams will be chosen for final round. Final round evaluation is based on time taken by the team to complete the tasks. The team that will complete all the tasks, with least time will be winner. Without completion of the previous tasks teams cannot proceed to the next round.

Organizers Details

Goutham Kumar Jain
+91 9741074300

Harman Kaur Sapal
+91 7204007202

Ananya M
+91 7090662743