Mock Press

About The Event

Who doesn’t want to be celebrity! So be it, your wish is granted. A chance to face the spotlight and answer on celebrity’s behalf. Come, mesmerize and magnetize the audience at Mock press.

Event Details

- Each participant must perform individually.
- First round will be General/Entertainment quiz.
- The second round will be Mock press.

Rules And Regulations

- Registrations can be done both in advance as well as on spot.
- Candidates should be present at the venue on time.
- Each participant will be given a duration of 10 minutes to prepare for their respective characters.
- Judges will act as journalists and ask questions to the participants.
- The participants can choose the category but the personalities in the categories will be disclosed by draw at the time of the competition.
- The participant is expected to answer as the personality given.
- Any kind of vulgarity or misbehaviour shall not be entertained. If observed, the participant will be disqualified.
- The event encourages active participation of the audience.
- Judge’s decision will be final.
- Organizers shall have all rights to make any changes in the rounds being conducted.

Judgement Criteria

The participant will be judged on the following criteria:
- Subject knowledge.
- Communication skills.
- Body language.
- Spontaneity.
- How well they relate and portray the concerned personality.

Organizers Details

Sahan Devadiga
+91 7349143676

Sanjay Kamath K
+91 9901772979

Nihal Kumar Kadri
+91 8904807332

Shaashwath Rai
+91 8197895911