Mission Impossible - The Treasure Hunt

About The Event

Trudging through the oasis of questions, peeking at the kaleidoscope of possibilities, scrutinising the mirage of clues all the while rushing through the sands of time, a mega event, an alter-ego of a treasure hunt, we bring to you – Mission Impossible.

Event Details

- Preliminary round will be conducted and top 8 teams will be selected for the next round.
- A treasure hunt round where each team has to solve a set of 9 clues which will lead them to the final treasure.

Rules And Regulations

- The clues are to be found in a particular order. Skipping any clue will lead to disqualification.
- No team would be leaving the college premises in search of clues.
- The teams and their clues are colour coordinated. In no part of the game are the teams allowed to tamper the clues of their competitors, and if found doing so, will be disqualified.
- If any item is found to be displaced or damaged while looking for the clues, the team will be held responsible for it.
- Every team will be following a different path leading to the final destination.
- In case a team requires a hint in order to solve the clue, they would have to solve an additional task. The level of difficulty of the task will increase with the number of times the team asks for a hint. Each team has an allowance to ask for a maximum of 4 hints.

Registration Details

- Four members make a team.
- Registrations can be done on spot.
- There is no branch restriction.

Organizers Details

Lishel Pearl Aquinas
+91 8746801565

Shivani R Nath
+91 8792884075

Dhanush Shetty
+91 8660486998